Your wines will be stored at the London City Bond warehouse, also known as Vinotheque in Burton-on-Trent. Established since 1870 LCB is a Revenue & Customs regulated bonded warehouse and is kept in ideal conditions for the storage of wine, ensuring that your wines are kept safe and able to mature properly.

Upon making a wine purchase, a personal account with London City Bond is set up in your name and your wine transferred to your account. Once the wine is in your account you and you alone have full control of your asset, meaning whatever happens you will always have your wine and no one except you can remove or sell the wine without your instruction.

A major advantage of storing your wine with LCB is that your wine is excluded from Duty and VAT, as whilst in bond neither of these taxes apply.

Features include:

  • Insurance at full replacement value
  • Viewing of your wine by way of appointment
  • 24hr security 
  • Ideal temperature and humidity levels 
  • Complete privacy of records 
  • Computerised wine coding 


London City Bond, Vinotheque
Derby Road
DE14 1RY



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